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The London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra combine eccentric humour with high energy roots music from around the globe.   Funny songs, crazy costumes, and virtuoso music!  

In addition to Britain, they have wowed festival audiences in Finland, Norway, Belgium, Denmark and Germany.
Their individual experiences range from appearances on the Benny Hill Show, Kenny Everett Show, Eastenders, Little & Large Show and StarWars to performing in Barnums Circus (USA).
Learn the washboard ! Suffer canine constipation ! Polka with a horse, frog, snake and pig!

As seen on Vernon Kay’s “Five O’Clock Show” Channel 4.

Martyn Oram : vocals, violin, mandolin, guitar, knee trumpet, frog
Captain Cabbage : vocals, washboard, suitcases, percussion, trumpet, saw, harmonica, accordion, dog, chicken, elephant
The Right Horrible Ronald Regan : vocals, double bass, sousaphone, trumpet, pig

"a riot of colour, with innumerable changes of ridiculous sub-clown costumes throughout ... and the array of instruments is colossal ... but what impresses most is the sheer energy, skill and versatility of the musicianship – driving the show along to its faster and faster, and dafter and dafter climax. Lots of fun." John Christopher Wood (Rondo Theatre, Bath Comedy Festival, April 2017)

"I love your band. Great fun!" Rick Wakeman, (London, Nov 2014)

"Inimitable clowning, wit, agility, vocal talent, lyrical ingenuity, instrumental accomplishment and sheer sense of fun! ...... You were brilliant!" S Barrett (Huntingdon, Sept 2014)

"Zany madcappery with faultless musicianship"   Ian McGlynn (Artistic Director - Rondo Theatre, Bath, March 2009)

"A fantastic night - our audience loved it."   Will Wollen (Artistic Director, Theatre Royal, Margate, April 2008)

"They're brilliant"   Merrily Powell (Artistic Director, Wharf Theatre, Devizes, February 2008)